Nivea Skin Firmness Check 2016

How do you define a healthy skin? What about a firm skin? Firmness! Uhm.. wait, What is Firmness first? According to Merriam Webster  it is the ability of the skin to stay as is even when applied stress and force. This is why Nivea organized an event for their beloved customers even all the interested participants to examine the firmness of their skin and this is for free admission!


Nivea provided super fun games! Two bungee trampoline and a ball pit.

 Would you assume that jumping on a trampoline is the step to know if your skin is firm? Yes, it is! Thru those 9 tiny blue circles attached on the back of our legs.


The magic trick is that thing should stay as is while jumping on the trampoline. That is when you will figured out if your skin is still firm, semi-firm or not firm at all. Good thing mine is close to perfectly firm and I am proud of that! Down below are the proof that I tried the trampoline.

They also offered free healthy juice from Nectar juice once you completed all the activities on the wrist band sticker thingy they gave (Pardon me that I forgot to take a photo of that thing due to some excitement)

Also, B’lue. Live To Feel. hosted free drinks of your choice in their different flavors of Lychee, Calamansi, and Orange.

Different media, bloggers, and popular celebrities also attended this said event. The former FHM cover Kim Domingo and the youth fave Gretchen Ho who even tried the trampoline, are just some.


Not to mention my favorite bloggers are there too! Kat ValdezChin Chin Obcena, and Ida Anduyan.


Oh! Before I forgot, DJ David Callum is the one who provided good music all throughout. We did had a selfie if you would ask. Hehe!


And of course, A show is not complete without food! They served free house blended iced tea and yummy foods but limited to media only. Shout out to the waiter who handed me some! *wink*

Thank you for providing this kind of event, Nivea! We had so much fun!