The Face Shop Sully Long Lasting Cushion


Having an oily plus sensitively acne prone skin will always be the number one problem of many girls like me. Back then, I suffered on those days that I don’t want to go out because of what happened to my face. So, thinking of remedies on how to cover those imperfections made me discover the use of “Cushions”.


Unicorn Haven!🦄🌈

Events, Food

The first time I’ve heard that there will be a Unicorn cafe here in the Philippines which is located at Baguio, I told myself that I will go there. Given that it’s a bit far and I became so busy at work, it is indeed a blessing in disguise that I never went there because I discovered a newly opened Unicorn haven near us!

Current Favorite for “Kilay on fleek!”


Every girl has their own “I cannot leave the house without ______” thing, no matter what! We are all guilty of putting something on our face first before heading out. Because, who wants to look sick in the crowd? I believe, no one. Fill in the blank yours because my thing is my cutesy thin eyebrows! No matter how late I can get, I wouldn’t leave the house without my eyebrows done!

Make-Up Bundle for 100.00 only!


Looking for a make-up on a budget? How about 2 products for the price of one? Such a good deal right? Aido cosmetics or simply Aido which you can found at every Fashion 21 stall is the answer! I know some of you may never been heard of this brand because it belongs to drugstore make-up classification. But mind you! this product is so promising and affordable!